Codice prodotto AKG-D3700
Categoria Microfoni
Marca AKG

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The AKG Model D 3700 is a rugged dynamichypercardioid microphone intended for on-stage instrumentaland vocal pickup. Its hypercardioid pattern is uniform withfrequency, and response has been boosted at mid and highfrequencies for crisp instrumental pickup and improvedspeech intelligibility. The microphone capsule is shockmounted with an easily removable wire mesh grille. Thesmooth triangular shape of the microphone is easier to holdthan normal circular cross-section designs and is stablewhen the microphone is placed on a surface. The light-weight body is die cast zinc alloy and has a dark matte finishfor minimum reflection and glare. The D 3700 S shall have arecessed, noiseless on-off switch.

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