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Codice prodotto SD-555
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Marantz SD555 30,000yen(1997 release)


W reverse cassette deck which carries the bias fine functionality to perform the optimal sound recording. 

2 speed dubbing functionality is carried. 

The timer Recording play is supported. 

The memory stop function is carried in the digital counter. 

The synchro recording functionality with the model corresponding to Marantz compact disk is carried. 

The Dima functionality which can be set as seven steps of luminosities is carried for the window of a display-device part. 

The wireless remote control which carries the indicator for receipt acknowledgement in a main unit is attached. 


Rating of a mode
Form W reverse cassette deck
Track format Four two track stereo
Head Reproducing-head x1 
Erase-head x1 
Magnetic recording reproducing head x1
Frequency characteristic 30Hz-18kHz±3dB (metal) 
25Hz-17kHz±3dB (chromium) 
30Hz-16kHz±3dB (normal)
Wow and flutter 0.08%WRMS
SN ratio 54dB (EIAJ, peek recording-level auditory sensation weighting) 
At the time of Dolbey Bon: 10dB modification (5kHz or more) 
At the time of Dolbey Con: 20dB modification (1kHz - 10kHz)
Power consumption 16W (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)
The maximum Dimensions Width 439x height 136x depth of 310mm
Weight 4.0kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control
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